Sunday, July 3, 2011

     Never in a million years would I ever dream that I would begin a blog...I am really not a writer at ALL.  However, as we are four days away from leaving from Africa there are so many blessings to share in this journey already and we are not even there.  THANK YOU LORD that even though I am not a writer YOU will be glorified in this blog
     I have prayed that in this journey He would change my heart and open my eyes.  This prayer has definitely been answered and well we are not even there yet! Change me, Oh Lord, break my heart for what breaks yours.
    Several years ago, a yearning to go serve and love on orphans in His name was placed upon my heart.  Of course, I came up with so many excuses as to why I couldn't go...UNTIL, three little angels came to stay with us for one life changing weekend.  We were blessed to be able to host in our home three little boys from Children of the World Choir. They had a love for our Savior that was ABSOLUTELY contagious! They may not have had much by worldly standards, but full of so much joy which only comes from Him.  After the boys left, Greg and I looked at each other and agreed that there would be no more excuses and that I would go to Ethiopia.  At this point, we had no idea how the Lord would provide every step of the way.

     So we said yes.....well, blessings began flowing.... Of course as a Mom I wrestled with leaving my own children, however, I know He loves them even more than I humanly can and that He would take care of them.  Well the following Sunday, I was approached at church by our wonderful Children's Director and she and her Mom offered to care for the children while I was away while Greg worked...WOW thank you Lord. What a blessing!!! My kiddos will be loved on and truly cared for while I get to  love on so many that don't have someone to call  Mommy or  Daddy.
    I found out too that Ali Henderson had signed up and was going as well.  How awesome to have someone to share the journey with!
    Another excuse, we had  was how in the world would we come up with all the money....Well, once again, He had a plan much bigger than I could have dreamed up!  We decided to have a yard sale as a fundraiser....thinking about all the blessings that went along with it still brings me to tears.  HE PROVIDED in SOOOO many ways not just monetarily.  Okay, started to begin writing about this and well it will get a post of it's own!  This verse kinda summed it up for me...Ephesians 3:20 (KJV) ~ Unto Him that is able He is to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think! His provision was beyond my wildest dreams! More than anything this weekend was a confirmation for Greg and I that He was in this and it was part of His plan. SO MANY IN SO MANY WAYS TRULY WERE HIS HANDS AND FEET! I will forever be grateful to each and every one of you.  The blessing wasn't for me it was for those in Ethiopia, but let me tell you I learned from that weekend and my heart was touched forever.
     VBS was full of blessings as well.  Our VBS offering was to raise money to purchase sheep to provide for the children we would serve in the orphanages.  The children were amazing! A total of eighteen sheep were provided during that week.  Each sheep will feed 40, that will provide for 720! They seldom are able to have meat it will be such a display of love for them to receive.  It was so cool to see the children coming in each day giving from their hearts! Their excitement was bubbling out of them.  BAA! BAA! :)
   I allowed myself to get worked up over the shots...however, all seven shots and two oral vaccines weren't even as bad as my last flu shot! Thank you God!
    Donations have been pouring in between Ali and I we are taking three checked bags each filled to complete weight capacity with items from you all to leave with the balls, formula, clothing, lightweight jackets, small toys, treats, socks, underwear and the list goes on.  THREE hundred pounds of blessings for the children! More has been added since pic above. Thank you for providing for these children.
     I want to keep sharing, but more will have to come later! There is still a list to be done and only a few more days! I plan to spend most of it with Greg, Gage and Ellie Kate soaking in every minute of time with them! :)
I heard this song the other day while listening to the tv and well it really spoke to me.  I found it on You TUBE so I am going to attempt to attach it, but we'll see this is definitely my first shot at this whole blog thing! Please take a second to listen to it.  Don't refuse to follow HiS call.  He is placing needs in front of each of us daily here  and afar...Don't Refuse! :) We are His Hands and Feet!

Lots of Love,

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